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About Swimming Pool Equipment
Jun 01, 2017

The equipment that the pool can use is called the swimming pool equipment. Different devices function differently. such as water treatment filtration equipment, including pumps to provide power, sand cylinder filtration, heat exchanger heating water, dosing machine to add medicine to the pool, cleaning equipment cleaning swimming pool and so on. Next, learn more about the pool equipment:

1. The bottom of the pool is provided with low voltage explosion-proof lighting, and the bottom is covered with ceramic tiles.

2. All kinds of facilities and equipment in the swimming pool area are beautiful and comfortable, and their intact rate is not less than 98%.

3. Equipped with automatic water disinfection circulatory system and heating facilities.

4. The pool side is full of green carpet, set recliner, Chair table, large potted bonsai interspersed during.

5. Sham Shui Po and children's leisure areas, deep water depth of not less than 1. 8m, the depth of the child's leisure area is no more than 0. 48m.

6. The design of the swimming pool is beautiful, the building area is spacious, the top of the layer is tall, and the roof and wall glass should be well lighted.

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