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Cleaning and maintenance of the swimming pool
Jun 01, 2017

Swimming pool cleaning can be summed up in three ways:

First, by removing some or all of the impurities in the swimming pool water to obtain the required water quality: generally through the physical means to clear the swimming pool water visible suspended solids, generally has the circulation filtration, the pollution. Swimming pool Cleaning is a very important work, swimming pool cleaning daily is through the water cycle filtration to achieve the effect, but the circulation filter does not filter out the tiny particles, at this time we need to first suspended particles into the bottom of the pool, and then use the suction machine to carry out the pollution operation. There are two main types of swimming pool suction machine: manual suction machine, and automatic suction machine.

Second, by adding new ingredients to the water to obtain the required water quality: such as the requirements of residual chlorine content in waters we put the swimming pool disinfectant (cyanuric acid) to achieve, ph level of control through the drop of alkali or sodium carbonate to achieve. And the algae removal agent. These work mainly by chemical means-to add drugs to achieve.

Third, the previous mentioned that the suction machine to do the decontamination needs to do precipitation: first add water treatment reagents, and then through physical means to obtain the required water quality. When the pool water is not reaching the target effect through circulation or suction, first put the clarifying agent, appear alum Flower and precipitate, then use the suction machine to carry on the decontamination, or is the input Qingshuiqing clarifying agent (it is not need to precipitate the decontamination of the clarifier), after adding only then only then opens the circulation filtration equipment to filter.

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