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Hygienic Requirements for swimming pools
Jun 01, 2017

1.PH Value: 6.5.

2. Turbidity is not less than 5 degrees.

3. Consumption of oxygen is not lower than 12mg M.

4. Swimming water quality is clear and transparent, no dirt, hair.

5. Top glass and metope clean, neat, the ground no water.

6. Urea must not exceed 3.5mg L, the water temperature is 22 Shan Siam 26 Shan.

7. Drinking water colorless, transparent, clean and hygienic, in line with national health standards.

8. The total number of bacteria shall not exceed 1000 ml, and the total coliform group shall not exceed 18/L.

9. Resting area ground, lounge chair, table chair, utensils without dust, stains and waste.

10. The free residual oxygen should be kept between the 0.4 and the 1.0mg.

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