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Maintenance Essentials of Swimming pool equipment
Jun 01, 2017

1. The most important factor affecting the common sense of swimming pool equipment is ph value, and the best value of water ph value is 7.2-7.5.

2. Swimming pool Equipment Common sense after the addition of coagulant precipitation, must be the next day before sunrise with a suction device.

3. Outdoor swimming pool equipment in the summer, especially the rainy season to prevent algae occurrence, in the thunderstorm to the premise of early add algae removal agent.

4. Swimming pool Equipment Common sense water quality daily inspection should not be less, open after every two hours, it is best to use automatic prosecution to maintain water quality balance.

5. In the summer open to high temperature weather, the temperature, water temperature is higher than 30 Shan should pay special attention to reduce water temperature, increase the new water cooling is a method.

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