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Maintenance of SPA Equipment
Jun 01, 2017

In layman's terms, the spa is through the spa equipment to make different temperature of water to form a certain degree of pressure or pressure on the human body at different points, so that people to alleviate fatigue, release pressure, conducive to physical and mental health. However, no matter what equipment can not be maintained, the next little part of the spa to introduce the maintenance of the equipment.

First, regular inspection of the spa equipment in the electrical control cabinets are loose wiring, and the internal electrical components regularly dust.

Second, when the equipment is stopped for a long time, must eliminate the water in the pipeline, it is recommended to open the pump at least once a day to protect the life of the pump. Filter filters are cleaned periodically.

Third, regular cleaning of the pool of leaves, waste paper, rags and other rubbish, keep the pool clean.

In order to make the spa equipment life longer, usually must do well maintenance work.

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