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The principle of spa equipment
Jun 01, 2017

With the progress of society, spa equipment in the beauty and medical profession has a good development prospects, its coverage will be more and more high, into the family consumption period will be predictable. About the principle of spa equipment do you know?

Simply put, the spa is a spa facility that makes water of different temperatures form a certain degree of pressure or pressure on different parts of the body, acupoints and skin. To reduce fatigue, release pressure, the role of physical and mental health.

Spa pool first through the filtration equipment (universal use of sand filter) and water disinfection equipment (ozone equipment, copper and silver ion equipment, etc.) and water quality maintenance drugs (mainly chlorine-making drugs and clarifying drugs) to make the water in the spa pool clear in line with the CJ244-2007 standard. At the same time through the constant temperature equipment (heat pump, boiler plate replacement, solar, refrigeration, such as heating or cooling equipment) to the water temperature of the spa pool to achieve design temperature, such as 40-42 degrees of heat pool, 38-40 degrees of temperature, ice pool 7-10 degrees.

Next is the water treatment pool with a variety of spa equipment, to achieve a variety of spa functions, commonly used in the station bath, sitting bath, floating bath, duck mouth bath, impact bath, cupping, bubble bath, Vicky Bath, massage water bed, whirlpool bath, brisk waterway and so on. At the same time according to operating characteristics and functional needs, can also be equipped with a variety of petals, herbal medicine, milk and so on.

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