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Why the water quality of swimming pool equipment is so important
Jun 01, 2017

Swimming pool water quality management can not be separated from swimming pool equipment, swimming pool water treatment equipment, indoor UPVC material pool equipment, to resist low-temperature/moisture erosion.

Because of the pollution of ambient air, the swimming pool equipment needs to remove and reduce the harmful gases and odors by other means, because it is related to the health of the human body and deserves our attention.

1. Treatment of airborne bacterial dust contaminants.

2. Carbon dioxide and ozone concentration: control swimming venues carbon dioxide concentration of about 0.1%, ozone concentration (ozone disinfection), water on the surface of the air 0.2mg Mg 3.

3. Air anion concentration: The main sign of air freshness is the concentration of anion. The method can be used to provide the air anion concentration in the indoor air disinfection of swimming venues.

4. Harmful gases and odors: disinfection byproducts produced by water disinfection process, such as ammonia nitrogen, are dbps to air, they are carcinogens, and also an inducement to asthma, while there are other volatile organic compounds VOCs in buildings and decoration materials, which are harmful to human body.

The swimming pool is suitable for water, and there are sufficient organic sources in it, which are the breeding environment of typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis, acute conjunctivitis and abscess. In addition, there are many viruses in addition to bacteria. For example, hepatitis viruses and sexually transmitted diseases are often transmitted by means of water. Therefore, the necessity of disinfection of swimming pool water is very important. If this link is not properly handled, the swimming pool may become a place for spreading disease.

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