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A Deer Fall In Love With The Inhabitants Family's Pool
Aug 01, 2017

According to the British Daily Mail reported on June 22, in a small town of New Jersey, a deer named Benbi daily visit a resident-- Brittney Benincasa’s home yard due to the hot weather, in order to get into their pool and enjoy the cool.


In this regard, Brittney said that it is incredibl.  The first time she saw Benbi, she thought Benbi was falling into the water, she even invited animal experts to rescue she ashore. But after that, Benbi often visit her home pool. "For several days, she was coming every afternoon and just jumping into the pool, and it was clear that she knows what she was doing," said Brittney.




From the video you can see, Benbi really enjoy the time in the pool, she swimming in the pool and having great fun, enjoying the cozy. Brittney said the bottom of the pool is black and looks like a lake; but actually the water were sprinkled with salt, so do not worry that she will be poisoned.



Britney's two children are very fond of Benbi and want to raise she as a pet. But Britney said that this friendship can not be sustained forever. "Once it grows up, the fence can not restrain it, so let she do what she like to do now." Britney said sadly.