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Can The Pool Water Be Recycled?
Jul 06, 2017

But also to the summer heat, swimming is the best way to leisure and refreshing exercise. In  the face of the crowded crowd in the pool, we can not help but worry  about the water in the pool is healthy, the sewage will not be recycled?  Generally  speaking, there are three ways to clean the swimming pool: the overall  change of water, that is, the swimming pool water drained, all into the  new water; add a variety of detergent disinfection; there is a cycle of  treatment. The overall cost of water is higher, and the project is larger, add clean or disinfectant clean water quality is not enough. And  the use of large-scale filtration cycle equipment to clean and clean  the swimming pool, easy operation, economic and environmental  protection. Usually these kinds of cleaning methods will be used interchangeably  to ensure that the swimming pool of water quality qualified.

Large  swimming pools and some regular swimming pools are usually equipped  with a superb pool of water filtration and circulation systems. This  system has three main effects: first of all, of course, is to keep the  swimming pool water quality clean, which is its main function; Secondly,  it can also adjust the pool according to the different water  temperature, the swimming pool utilization Higher; finally, it can control the pool of water and energy consumption, saving resources and energy. The  water in the swimming pool needs to undergo complex filtration,  disinfection and purification procedures will be re-injected into the  swimming pool, so even the use of recycled water is also clean and  clean. There  are some well-equipped swimming pools equipped with underwater drowning  cameras and other safety equipment, real-time monitoring of the various  aspects of the swimming pool. There  are some high-level swimming pool in the closed, there will be  automatic cleaning robot is responsible for cleaning the bottom of the  pool, some small swimming pool will also use manual cleaning method, the  swimming pool water after cleaning the bottom of the debris, and  disinfection.