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Characteristics Of Underwater Lamps
Jun 01, 2017

Material: usually made of stainless steel and glass: Stainless steel 202, 304, 316, different grades of stainless steel use of the occasion is different; the underwater lamp stainless steel lamp body currently has two production processes: Die Stretch (general lamps thinner, light, fast production cycle, low cost, Silica sol dewaxing (General lamps are heavier, thicker, slow production cycle, relatively high cost), a few high-grade lamps used all copper materials; Of course, there are a few low-grade lamps used zinc alloy to do, resin potting, Tempered glass and other production, stainless steel has good rust-proof, resin has waterproof performance;

Light Source: At present, the basic is led, small lamp beads 0.06W, 1W, 3w RGb, such as high-power lamp bead;

Power supply: According to GB must strictly control the safety of the human body below the 12v voltage;

Color: cold, warm, neutral white, red, green, yellow, blue, color;

Control mode: Steady, built-in MCU synchronous internal control, SPI Cascade, DMX512 parallel external control;

Installation: Ming-installed (bracket-type LED underwater lamp), dark (buried-type LED underwater lights), Kongshuijing lights (fountain lights) and so on

Protection Rating: IP68