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French Man Diving To Bottoming Out The World's Deepest Indoor Pool
Jul 26, 2017

According to the  Daily Mail of British reported on July 20, recently a French free diver do not use oxygen cylinders, diving into the water under the 130 feet (about 39.6 meters),bottoming out the world Deepest indoor pool.




Free diving movement, is said that divers adjusting their own breathing to dive without oxygen cylinder. The free diver named Guillaume Nery, 35 years old from Nice, France. He had four times to break the free diving world record, the highest personal record is sneak into the water 126 meters.




In the video, you can see that Guillaume Nery dived, but it took about two minutes to reach the world's deepest "Y-40 Deep Joy" swimming pool with a depth of 130 feet (about 39.6 meters). The swimming pool is also maintained at 32 degrees Celsius for the years round.



In order to dive more quickly, Gillam discharge the air in the lungs before diving in order to reduce his own buoyancy and speed up the dive speed.



Julie Gautier's wife, Julie Gautier, followed him during the whole process. The video will be sent to the Internet , this monthit got more than a hundred thousand hits.



"I like this pool very much,  it's  one of the best free dive sites in the world.When you dive here, the whole pool feels like a science fiction," he said. The scene is full of futuristic, and the water is clear and makes you feel as if you are flying.




The entire swimming pool project was designed by the architect Emanuele Boaretto, the Boaretto Hotel Group, which was officially opened in June 2014.