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Matters Needing Attention In Sauna
Jun 01, 2017

Sauna bath can cause a series of systemic physiological changes. High-temperature and humid environment to accelerate the heartbeat, a certain degree of blood pressure, and cold water immersion will slow the heartbeat, blood pressure drop. Therefore, the indoor temperature, humidity and bath time including hot and cold exchange times must be strictly mastered. The first time in the bath, the high-temperature steam room can only stay for 5 minutes, and then gradually extended in the high humidity steam room stay. Due to the effect of sauna bath on the human body, it is not advisable to wash sauna in the following circumstances:

1. Previous cases of hypertension, heart disease history of patients. Because of the large range of blood pressure caused by sauna bath fluctuations, increased heart load, easy to cause high blood pressure, heart attack, accidents and even life-threatening.

2. After meals, especially half an hour after the meal. Immediately after meal sauna bath, skin blood vessels expand, blood flow back to the skin, affecting the digestive organs of the blood supply, will inevitably affect the digestion and absorption of food, adverse to health.

3. Excessive exertion or starvation. Fatigue and hunger, the body muscle tension is poor, cold and heat stimulation of the tolerance is reduced, easy to cause collapse.

4. Menstrual women should avoid sauna. Menstrual women's body resistance to reduce, sauna bath, cold and heat many times alternating, easy to cause colds and bacterial infections and endanger women's health

Of course, it is not said that the sauna must not be washed, occasionally for it may also be. If already has the birth, can rest assured to enjoy. Sauna to the human body still has a certain health function: it can speed up the blood circulation, make all parts of the body muscle to be completely relaxed, achieve the goal of eliminating fatigue glow spirit. At the same time, because the body repeatedly hot and cold dry steam rinse, blood vessels have been shrinking and expanding, can enhance the blood vessel elasticity, prevent the effect of vascular sclerosis. At the same time it is arthritis, backache, bronchitis, neurasthenia, etc. have a certain health benefits.