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Principle Of Sand Cylinder Filtration In Swimming Pool
Jun 01, 2017

Sand cylinder generally placed a certain scale of quartz sand, in a certain range of the size of quartz sand, in the sand cylinder, quartz sand from top to bottom, from small to large according to this arrangement, normal filtration, the water is from the upper layer of sand into, from the lower level. When water flows through the filter layer, the tiny empty eyes formed by the solid suspended material in the water into the upper filter material are trapped by the surface layer of the filter material by adsorption and mechanical resistance. At the same time, the suspension of these suspended objects overlap and bridging the role, as if the surface of the filter layer to form a layer of film, continue to filter the water suspended matter, which is the so-called filter material surface layer of membrane filtration. This filtration is not only on the surface of the filter layer, but also when the water enters the middle filter layer, which is called infiltration filtration, which is different from the surface filtration.

In addition, because sand grains are arranged in close order with each other, when the suspended particles in the water flow through the meandering channels in the sand, there will be more opportunities to collide and contact with the surface of the filter, so that the suspended solids in the water are bonded with the floc on the surface of the sand layer and the coagulation process occurs.

To sum up, the filtration of the sand cylinder is through the membrane filtration, infiltration filtration and contact filtration process, so that water is further purified.