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Structure And Performance Of Sauna
Jun 01, 2017

At the end of 18th century, there appeared the "embedded" brick sauna, which has two to three separate parts, the bottom layer is used for burning firewood, the middle layer is paved with a small stone, the top layer is a flue with a regulating valve, which has been connected to the roof and chimney. At that time, most of the building is wooden structure, this "embedded" brick furnace to reduce the occurrence of fire, once prevailed in 19th century.

The new sauna is very exquisite, inlaid in the middle of the floor, while the room height is also reduced, so that the heat more evenly, lower temperature with the increase, you can reduce the seat. The heating system of the sauna stove is also changed from the traditional dry steaming to various heating forms, such as the use of steam divergence of wet steam and so on. A couch like Changsha's seat replaces the traditional wooden bar. It can adjust different temperatures for different needs, whether sitting or lying, are very comfortable.

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