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The Effect Of The Spa
Jun 01, 2017

Thermal effect: Warm water can promote blood circulation, metabolism, relaxation of muscle, softening soft tissue and so on.

Cold effect: Cold water can reduce pain feeling, anti-inflammatory, edema and so on.

Buoyancy: The use of water buoyancy to share part of the body weight, more easily exercise, as a motor booster.

Water pressure: One of the sources of resistance to edema and muscle strength training.

Viscosity (from the attraction between water molecules): viscosity can be regarded as one of the sources of resistance in water. The resistance in water should be considered in conjunction with buoyancy (power), using appropriate exercise techniques to give the patient buoyancy or resistance depending on the patient's needs.

Mechanical effect: Produce vortex (Turbulence), can be used to clean open wounds of the scabs and old dressings and so on.