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The World's Most Frightening Pool
Aug 03, 2017

In Jason Stanson's film Machinist 2, the high-altitude swimming pool , located in a 76-storey building, , the bottom of the transparent part can see ground. After watching the movie, many friends feel incredible, but in our real life,it does exist such a swimming pool.


The Daily Mail reports one of the world's most stunning swimming pools in a hotel in South Tyrol, Italy. It is located on a 40-foot hotel terrace, which is made of glass and can see the entire snow-covered mountains there.


According to the hotel staff, the swimming pool is 82 feet (about 25 meters), which is part of the new expansion of the hotel, the hotel called the pool as the gift for braver.


The swimming pool is designed by Noa Architecture Studios to blur the physical boundaries, intertwines the pool with the landscape, providing swimmers with a sense of freedom between sky and earth.


"The stunning natural environment in South Tyrol is one of the main reasons for this design," the designer said. "


South Tyrol is a famous ski resort in Italy, not only because its professional ski ring, as well as hikers,climbers and climbers paradise.


In this transparent pool, adventurers can feel the fresh spring, overlooking the mountains.