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Three Ways To Determine Whether The Pool Water Is Clear
Aug 09, 2017

Do you know how many dirty things in the swimming pool in the hot day? 

In the face of outdoor high temperature of 40 degrees, for swimming people, the pool should be a good "refuge"! But is the water in the swimming pool really clean?

So how to determine whether the pool water quality clearance?



smell: see the pool of water is slightly sterile irritating smell, residual chlorine to stimulate the smell is too high or too low that water quality is not good.



see: in the pool to observe whether the existence of white water, green, blue and other abnormal colors, wearing goggles underwater observation, the normal water body impurities less, can see about 10 meters



touch: is to see after the tour, if the skin from the red, hair knot, eye tingling, indicating water quality is not up to standard


In the same time,swimming pool water should be installed circulating water purification and disinfection equipment, and to use ozone, ultraviolet or chlorine, filter the water,then the water will be cleaned.